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Virtual assistance: An efficient way to shift to WFH

The workforce has drastically shifted its dynamics globally since the pandemic, demanding rectification from all industries. With businesses scrambling to stay afloat, the online realm has since then expanded and flourished in ways we did not expect. Thousands of Filipino employees are in search of jobs to get by, and the need for online assistance has opened new doors to our community

Online platforms continue to serve many purposes. During the earlier months of the pandemic, information on the rising Covid-19 cases flooded our social media feeds. We would turn to other platforms for means of relaxation and entertainment. Using social media and messaging apps was our only form of communication with our friends and loved ones. Crucially, resilience was demanded from educational institutions and businesses, testing their abilities to find ways to push through with online learning.

Despite the critical adjustments, one branch of freelance in the Philippines has thrived amid recent circumstances: virtual assistance.

Being a virtual assistant (VA) entails providing help and services to clients, all from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere, for that matter!). VA is one of the most sought-after home-based jobs in this time and age due to the migration of physical operations to digital spaces. With more Filipinos working from home, businesses are continuously looking for people who can assist in keeping operations alive. As digital platforms tweak and upgrade, so does the VA community. Because of this, being a VA requires a specific set of skills such as adaptability and resourcefulness, which are essential for the changing times.

Similar to office secretaries and executive assistants, VA’s execute their organizational and administrative skills to help their clients. The most prominent difference is that VA’s can work from anywhere as long as they have the necessary tools, namely reliable internet connection and a decent device such as a laptop. Once these tools are available, anyone can learn to be a VA even with zero experience!

Although this is a profession that may be picked up by anyone, an individual should have three foundational traits to become a successful VA.

1. Successful VA’s are willing to learn and are fast to implement. A common misconception people have is that one has to be tech-savvy right off the bat to be a VA. This is not the case. In fact, many successful VA’s started from having no prior knowledge about all things digital! The truth is, technology and digital platforms are always changing and updating. The only way to keep up with the advancements is by being willing to learn the ropes. So don’t be afraid to do your research! There are lots of helpful resources, tools, and applications to assist you (watch out for our upcoming blog post about this!). As long as the dedication to learn about the ins and outs of virtual assistance is present, there is hardly anything to worry about!

2. Successful VA’s are self-motivated. One of the best things about being a VA is that you can have more control over your time and energy! Since you’ll be working from home, you have a say on where and when you work. This way, there is more room to balance work, family, and self. Given this, it is important to note that being able to manage your time and energy requires self-motivation and discipline. One must keep in mind that being a VA is an independent job, and you are accountable for how you choose to spend your time. This also applies when you are actively looking for potential clients. It takes time before one can land a great deal with a client, so having the self-motivation to stick to your goals and move forward is crucial. With the right amount of patience and hard work, we have no doubt that you’ll land virtual assistant jobs soon!

3. Successful VA’s are reliable. In other words, maaasahan ka! Being a VA means that you care about the businesses you are helping and the people behind them. One of the priorities of a VA is making sure that there is progress within the business. As a VA, you must learn how to be resourceful and practical so that goals are met and achieved. This can be done in various ways such as efficiently managing tasks and projects, making sure team members are properly delivering, brainstorming plans for the business, and many more. It will be a challenge, but if your clients know that you care about the business, you will establish a sense of trust and camaraderie, which is important for any project.

In retrospect, virtual assistance is such a versatile path to take! If you’re looking to change up your field of expertise, especially during a pandemic, or want to have more control over your time while reaping its financial benefits, this is definitely a promising option! Working from home while earning an above-average salary proves that VA is one of the careers of the future.

Upholding the three foundational traits, your VA career can be long-term and sustainable. And if this field interests you, Fine Digital will be launching a VA course in the next few months. This online course will introduce you to the fundamentals and technicalities that come with being a VA. We’re more than excited to be your stepping stone toward your VA goals!