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Why Upskilling is an Effective Path Toward Success

The events brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have taken us astray from lots of goals and aspirations. With months spent cooped up in our homes because of nearly two years of community quarantine, it is safe to say that many of us have lost a sense of direction. Businesses have closed permanently, mass gatherings are restricted, and the national unemployment rate is continuously increasing.

What was once one of the fastest-growing economies is now in the midst of an all-time low recession. The pandemic has shaken us to the core, and many sectors are barely holding on. Efforts to contain the virus have cost us innumerable trials, most especially a national health crisis.

Particular sectors are facing inexplicable challenges, namely education and employment. Amid firm restrictions and a growing 8.7% unemployment rate, Filipinos are looking for more sustainable means of developing their skills and obtaining steady income, separate from their corporate or office jobs. It is definitely a challenge especially since everyone is adjusting to the new normal. Opportunities for other streams may be hard to come by. However, there are ways to attract more career opportunities that will complement current circumstances and unique lifestyles.

Filipinos deserve quality education to thrive in the workforce, and that is through skills training. Skills training takes on a different approach to education by targeting a person’s strengths or assets in a specific field of work. It is a skill-oriented process where prospective employees are trained hands-on to improve in their desired specialization.

There are many advantages of skills training, both for personal and organizational gain. These are among the best benefits of upskilling yourself and your employees:

1. Boosts confidence

The more knowledge, practice, and guidance an employee has from mentors, the more confidence they will gain in accomplishing their tasks, especially if the employee is:

  • new to the team, 
  • recently shifted roles, or
  • needs additional assistance

Whether in-person or online, skills training provides the tools employees need not only to do better in their work environment, but also to have the confidence to embrace more opportunities, such as job promotions, relocations, or even seeking international career paths.

Confidence is a fuel that can be used by anyone in order to succeed, regardless of experience or educational background. Upskilling is an investment to help yourself or your employees thrive in the business and present them with more positive and efficient mentalities about their skills.

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2. Improves Job Performance

Ever since we were children, there would always be a teacher figure in our lives. At school or at home, a person with more knowledge and wisdom would guide us to do better in our classes. Skills training is very similar to this in the sense that we look to a mentor or teacher to improve our overall job performance.

Modules for each class are carefully planned to bring out the full potential of each student or employee. These trainings assess the students and leverage their strengths, which employers duly note so as to help them do better. Skills training also recognizes that employees are at unique skill levels; based on their capabilities and position in the business, skills training is a stepping stone toward a more functional and organized workflow. This will also improve the performance of the entire team!

3. Enriches Morale and Wellbeing

Being educated, whether through traditional schooling or skills training, has tons of benefits on our wellbeing. When hiring, employers look for applicants with the essential skills that fit the job description. Skills training can help increase your chances of landing a job, as you will be engaged in specialized learning based on your strengths.

Research shows that learning can improve brain function and mental health. When we stimulate our minds with meaningful and relevant knowledge, our cognitive functions improve tenfold. This decreases chances of onset memory loss and mental stagnancy.

Skills training also helps us know more about our desired careers. When immersing oneself in this type of education, we get to know ourselves in a more composite manner;  it helps us to perform better while deepening our understanding of our life purpose and vocation.

The effects of the pandemic cannot be lost to oversight nor can it be denied. Many Filipinos are working together to relieve others of distress and to maintain normalcy, such as health workers and t

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