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Learn Hilot Wellness Massage with FINE International

Are you searching for a new career? Are you searching for skills that will make you employable? Are you looking for a job that can provide long-term employment for highly in-demand service? Are your current skills at par with industry demand?

Fine International Training Center has the answer to all these. 

In line with its mission to provide holistic and innovative training programs that meet the industry’s standards, FINE offers Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II. This exciting and TESDA-accredited course is designed to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the growing hilot wellness industry. 

This program was made in collaboration with one of the leading experts in the field, and it aims to teach students everything they need to know about delivering effective massage treatments to clients. 

FINE International’s Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II Program

In this search for a new employable skill, FINE offers a 3-week training program for wellness massage. The 40-hour course is divided into three modules. 

The course’s first module is all about the basics of Hilot (Wellness Massage). In this module, you will learn about the proficiency, knowledge, and character you need to understand everything you need to know about workplace protocols and conditions. Expect to learn working in teams, professionalism, and practicing health and safety procedures. 

Its next module will talk about competencies and infection control responsibilities. This will teach you how to apply and monitor infection control policy and procedures in a team or an organization. You will also learn how to handle challenging behaviors, maintain excellent patient-client services, as well as the basics of first aid. 

The last module will tackle the skills, knowledge, and attitude needed during client consultations. This will train you to create customized hilot wellness programs for your clients. It will also teach you hilot wellness massage techniques, including the pre and post services to your future clients. 

Meet the Instructor

FINE takes pride in having instructors who are certified, experienced, and TESDA- accredited for all of its courses.

The same applies to their Hilot (Wellness Massage) NCII course. If you will join the course, then you will be in good hands. You will learn from the course’s instructor, Rino Capispisan, who aside from being a trainer, is also a spa consultant, a salesperson, and an Engineer. 

Capispisan speaks of his hilot journey from childhood. He had early exposure to hilot growing up in Romblon. He recalled that whenever people in their community feel any discomfort like dizziness, fever, and body aches, the practice is to see a manghihilot. Rural areas in Romblon are far from hospitals so the availability of the hilot was considered a big help to the community.

At around 11 years old he had the opportunity to observe the techniques of hilot as he and his siblings were always brought to a famous manghihilot by his mother. After observing, he tried to copy and apply the hilot techniques to his brother. In the beginning, his attempts were not successful and he could not locate what was wrong inside the body. So he did not pursue it further but instead studied Engineering. 

A few years later, he needed a better income so he thought of a sideline that he can do while still having a full-time job. This is when he pursued his training in massage therapy where he learned the foundation and basics he needed to become a massage therapist. 

“Nung nagtatrabaho ako, around 4 years sa Engineering work ko, narealize ko na gusto ko pa ng additional income. Nag iisip ako kung ano pa yung pwede kong pasukan na trabaho na wala akong boss, kaya kong magdictate ng oras ko dun sa aking client. Then naisip ko, it’s massage,” he shared when asked what encouraged him to become a massage therapist. 

Before becoming the instructor of the Hilot (Wellness Massage) course, Capispisan had an early history with FINE. He acknowledges how FINE played a role in his journey of becoming a massage therapist and then later on becoming the instructor of the wellness massage course. 

After ng training, around 2007, nag paassess kami at dito kami nag pa assess sa FINE International. Dun nagstart kaya nakarating ako ng FINE. After ko magpaassess sa FINE, yung trainer ko ay connected sa FINE kaya doon kami dinala. Sinasama nya ako sa FINE. Ako ang taga check ng attendance sa kanyang mga estudyante,” he recalled. 

Years after serving as an attendance checker, FINE saw his potential and asked him to become the instructor of the wellness massage course. 

Capispisan is a testament that if you want to do something, putting your effort and time to learn and be good at it will always pay off. He is proof that there is a career waiting for you in massage therapy. 

As someone very passionate about helping others through our wellness massage, he wants to share everything he knows with his students with the hope that they will see the beauty of it, just like he did.

Sa dami dami ng course na inoofer sa TESDA, anong course or training ang magdadala ng flag ng Philippines? Hilot lang. Kasi, that’s our own. Ito kaya nating ipagmalaki,” he said. 

I’m inviting you guys to learn hilot therapy massage. This therapy is one of a kind, you will learn the difference between this therapy with the other modality of therapies around the world. Learn this kind of hilot and practice, and let’s help other people while learning,” Capispisan added.  

With FINE’s hands-on approach and emphasis on practical skills, the Hilot NC II course is ideal for anyone interested in a career in the wellness industry. Whether you are already working as a professional masseuse or are looking to start your career from scratch, this comprehensive program will provide you with all the necessary tools and techniques to succeed.

So if you’re interested in learning this traditional form of massage, be sure to sign up for the Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II course at Fine International today!